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Another Taste of Dripping HOT Domination from #RedWineAndALeash

**WARNING – NSFW – Adult Material**


Here is another sex-soaked snippet from Red Wine & a Leash for your consumption.   He required me to journal everything that He did to me so He could know what i felt under His command.

You may want to read this in a private place away from prying eyes while your eyes read and your hands wander. You have been forewarned...

In Your Bed

“Go upstairs, sweet sub,

and prepare yourself

as you have been trained”

going back up the stairs

with His collar and leash

in place

removing my clothes

i feel a heated blush

settle over my face

the warmth of the bedroom

with simulated fireplace

sets the mood of seduction

inviting my nakedness,

the metal-framed bed

and silky soft bedspread

beckons my flesh

lying down i settle into my instructed pose

arms spread wide

all senses on alert

pending overload

eyes closed

listening for His steps

up the stairs He comes

hearing Him,

sensing His Dominance

as He enters the room

blues moves smoothly

through the air

He straddles my proneness

and i melt in a sea of moans

“Kiss me, my sub”

slow, deep and strong

pinning my arms

above my head

entering my body

rhythmic motion

gaining momentum

then He stops


leaves me breathless

always waiting for what is next

i am always ready to say yes

turning me over

paddled for penance

an ass pleading for more

please, give me more, Sir

pleading from my core

stinging clinging

muscles quaking


breaking the silence

with His sweltering swiftness

a palm filled with passion

each strike on flesh

exploding in ardent action

followed by warm nibbles and bites

spanked cheeks sweet rosy and ripe

petting the pain down a notch

my hips undulate

in my mind’s eye, i watch

until again He applies punctuating pain


with careful caresses

endorphins flooding my brain

my entire volition He possesses

a quick grab of my ankles

slides me to the edge of His bed

feeling His panting breaths

between warm wanting thighs

that He has just spread

dessert is being tasted

thoroughly devoured and tested

“Give it all to Me now, my sub”

and with His verbal command

and the stroke of His hand

i become



unable to stop

as the avalanche erupts

an unending wave

leaves me unable to talk

lying limp licking my lips

lavishing the remnants

of His lascivious lust

He scoops me up by my hips

“Bend over the bed, sweet sub”

i stand up and obey

on display

never afraid

never delayed

thrusting Himself deep

fist full of my hair

my obedience He keeps

trapped and ensnared

guiding and riding me

with tangled fingers

woven in my mane

slamming and sliding in me

with tantalizing tingles

in the glow of His flame

He grabs my small hands

forcing me to stand

beckoning me to join Him

bluesy music swaying us

slowly and sensuously by His bed

Stevie Ray rhythms

swimming through my head

slowly in sync

a dance leaving me so weak

so intimate are our movements

a shared moment as one

His strength seductively choreographed

my submission He has won

©Clarissa O. Clemens – 2017 – All Rights Reserved

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Red Wine & a Leash – A submissive’s Journey

**Warning: ADULT Material**
Click Here to Get Your Copy

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s really like? Not some fake fairy tale story of some billionaire Dom and a naive virgin who falls under his spell. Real life is wayyyy sexier. I know because I live it.

He required me to write down all that I experienced when we were together so that He could know what it was like for me to be me… with Him.

Come voyeur into my life.

I wrote the book for my Sir but now Red Wine & a Leash is available for you.

Thank you so much!
submissively yours,

👄Clarissa O. Clemens 

Here is a tiny taste for you:

Chapter 9. Contained & Consumed
she: i’m a little nervous, Sir.

He: If you would rather not do this, you don’t have to, sub.

she: i don’t mind being nervous—i’ve just never done these particular things before, Sir.

He: Take a moment to take a deep breath and decide. It’s perfectly fine to wait until another time.

she: May i come over now, Sir?

He: You’re sure you are ready, sub?

she: Yes. May i please come to You, Sir?

He: Yes, text me when you arrive at the gate and I will buzz you in. Since you’re nervous, sub, you may choose either the hood or the gag to start with.

she: Hood, please, my Sir.

He: When you arrive at the door you will knock, breathe deep and close your eyes. From that moment on, you are to remain silent with your eyes closed until you are told otherwise.

she: Yes, my Sir.

He: You will be inspected. After you are inspected, a hood will be placed over your head and the posture collar put around your throat… and then you will be led upstairs.

she: Yes, Sir.

Part 1

Hooded sub on a Leash

the beating of my heart

is bursting with my anticipation

the racing of my pulse

is fueled by Your impending predation

pulling into your driveway alongside Your truck

taking jittery steps

with my excitement run amuck

slowly, deeply inhaling a calming breath

which does nothing at all

to calm my nerves

lids closed

submissive pose

knuckles rap

on His door

a rush of air

“Give me your hands and step up –

I will not let you fall”

helping me over the threshold

He slides my purse off of my shoulder

then slips my rain-kissed coat

down and away

i stand quietly blind awaiting His next planned move

“Lift your hair, sub”

and in an instant,

the smell of leather

wafts passed my nostrils

feeling the wide stiff posture collar

wrap around my long lilting neck

nimbly he secures

the buckles in place

feeling the flush

flooding my face

hearing the metal ‘clink’

as the leash is clicked into its link

He then drops the leather leash

down through the top

of my olive-colored snug sweater dress

the coolness of leather

licking at the warm skin between

my round mounds of flesh

it hangs dangling

tantalizing my delight

“Lift your arms, my girl”

doing as i am told,

His fingers grasp the hem of my dress

sliding it up passed my thighs, stomach, and breasts

removing it completely

over my head

with my eyes still closed

Sir instructs me to remove my silver hoop earrings

placing them in His hand

“We don’t want them to be in the way”

He hands me a slippery ball of fabric into my palm

“You may open your eyes to see what you’re doing”

“I want you to pull the hood over the top of your head, sub”

i look down at a black fitted hood

with a hole for my nose and mouth

grabbing the edges

and centering the opening

so it will line up just right

sliding it over my head

the fit is perfect and tight

darkness descends inward

i fall inside this cocoon

a submissive cave

contained and consumed

with rampant thoughts

of what He will do next

waiting for Sir

to guide me on this conquest

through the hole in the hood

my full lips are exposed

like cherry-colored candy

slightly parted, partially closed

His sensuous tongue lands

taking a long lingering lick

sensing He has other plans

for my candy stained lips

tingles shooting

electricity through my being

all semblance of normal, escape,

floating away, fleeing

feeling a slight tug

as Sir takes hold of my leash

“Get down on the floor, my girl, and crawl slowly up the stairs”

“Take your time; there’s no need to rush”

short shag carpet underhand

i locate the first stair

and begin my ascent

He guides my obedience

service without question

one step at a time

slowly i go

aware of the length of leather

a lead that ties us together

my neck and volition

His hand directs my position

a virile Dom leading His sub

on a delicious mission

© All Rights Reserved – Clarissa O. Clemens

An excerpt from Red Wine & a Leash



Erotic Poetry Perched on the Bedstand – Take the Plunge?

5 Things that May Occur

~ When You Bring My Erotic Poetry into Your Bedroom ~


sexy couple kneel on books

Your Inhibitions Disappear along with your Clothing
It has been known to happen! Probably one of the single biggest inhibitors of a satisfying love life is that one or both partners are unable to open up and feel uninhibited about their sexuality. A glass of wine, the glow of candlelight flickering on naked skin, scattered rose-petals on the bed, and silky sheets can set a wonderful tactile scene to help get things going. Adding erotic poetry to the setting allows the mind to come and play. Once the brain is engaged, it’s all systems go – bye-bye inhibitions! With inhibitions out of the way, the imagination can take over and pleasures can be shared both physically and mentally.


Add Some Playful to Your Passion
It is a known fact that laughing is an important component in any relationship. It eases tensions, builds rapport, and creates a playful mood. When we were children playing in our make believe worlds, the fun that we had helped us to build bonds between friends creating best friends forever (our beloved BFF’s). To be playful with our partners, with whom we are in love, should be an important ingredient in our relationship and give us the opportunity to explore intimacy together. With my sexy poems, a giggle or laugh in response to the lines will create a light and playful mood and open doors to ‘Fun’ with a capital “F”.


Some More Stimulation Please
Okay, I am not going to beat around the bush here – my poetry WILL invite stimulation to the party. I have had so many people (both men and women) remark to me that my words bring the “Hello” to “Hello Kitty” or “it’s impossible NOT to be aroused”. The lines of my erotic poetry paint vivid scenes of sensuality for lovers to embrace. Once the words float into your mind, the body follows with it’s own interpretive dance of stimulation.


Try New Things in the Bedroom –
Going From ‘Vanilla’ to ‘Non-Vanilla’ Activities
Opening up my erotic poetry books and reading the seductive lines to your lover, allows you to hide conveniently behind my words and yet gives you an opportunity to try some kinky ideas on for size. If the idea behind the poem gets things going, then fantastic; if one or the other of you feels shy about it, move on to the next poem. Many of my poems take place in the “non-vanilla” arena. Things like spankings, toys, light bondage, Domination/submissiveness all playfully make their way into my poetry. Maybe you already enjoy this type of play – either way my poems may allow new sexy activities to enter your bed.


An Adventure to Take Together – Unlocking Your Fantasies
Let’s face it, in order to have a fulfilling sexual relationship with your partner, there needs to be communication, mutual trust, and respect. Hand in hand you are reading poems that will take you on a sensual adventure. It will allow you to playfully and impartially evaluate what is being played out through the words. It will be like embarking on a new adventure together. It may open doors to trying something you had not previously considered. Fantasies fuel passion. I personally feel that if more people would live out their fantasies with their partner in life, there would be less cheating because the partner seeking sex outside the union is probably needing to fulfill fantasies that he or she is not comfortable sharing at home.


Amazon Link to Kink

Pleasure Portal Press Website



“…He gives her all she craves~and she still wants more…” Breathless Together – Poems Exposed (Warning: Adults Only – Sexual Content)

→(Warning: 18 and Older Only Please – Sexual Content, No Profanity)←

Breathless Together
Fingers flying
Fluttering about
Prying and probing
Leaving no doubt
Juices start to flow
Senses rise to the top
Teasing and prolonging
He’s not going to let her pop
Keeping her quivering on the edge
She grips the slippery sheets of the bed
She inches towards the perilous ledge
On the verge of explosion and totally spread
The longer he makes her want and wait
The stronger she imagines and contemplates
Will he keep her there forever?
Or plunge deeper inside
Will he unlock her lever?
And allow her to take the ride
Whimpering and pleading
She can’t take anymore
He understands her need
As he unlocks her door
She starts to feel the waves
Ripple through her core
He gives her all she craves
And she still wants more
At the height of her moment
His lips lock on hers
Breathless together
The world becomes a blur

©Clarissa O. Clemens – 2013

(From The Poetic Art of Seduction – Vol. 2 and The Erotic Poetry Collection)

Amazon Link

@ClarissaClemens Twitter



There is probably nothing in the world more satisfying in a relationship than having a person who loves you and strives to find everything they can do to please you. This includes the sensual world. I am very fortunate to have that person in my life. He is my muse, playmate, and life partner.

Breathless Together is one of a handful of poems that I started composing either during or right after a sexual interlude. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not. I should be completely absorbed by all the physical stimulation that is overtaking me or has just occurred. If anything, I am so overwhelmed by the tactile stimulation that it forces me into a creative state.

I guess one of the hazards of being a writer is that inspiration and the flood of words that follows can happen anytime. Being able to capture the lines before they fade away is the tricky part if you don’t have your writing utensils within reach. Once I caught my breath, I felt the urgent need to capture the feelings I had just had with a poem. I let the lines of poetry mull over in my mind memorizing them so that when I got my sense of balance back I was able to type them out for this poem to become real.

The world definitely became a blur.

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‘His Angles of Arousal~Melt her Curves of Desire…” – Poems Exposed (Adults Only – Sexual Content)



Angles of Arousal
His angles of arousal
Melt her curves of desire
With locks loose and tousled
Peering at his need, she conspires
Straight up yet slanted
Pointing in her direction of pleasure
Mesmerized and enchanted
Every move calculated and measured
With preciseness and cunning
He eyes her assets and talents
Curvaceous-ness tumbles into stunning
The sight of her tips him off balance
He grabs a handful of her squeeze-to-please
She has the power of the titillating tease
He licks his lips in longing anticipation
Smoothly she mounts his standing ovation
Riding relentless his rigidness succumbs
Tightly she grips him until he fights not to come
Deep inside of her he is helpless to his urges
Thrusting within her. his body shudders as it merges
They begin to move in unison, rhythmically as one
The avalanche of tingles is about to come undone
Their eyes connect
Their fingers intersect
They know they have reached
Their passionate peak
With waves of wonder wielding its power
The angle of arousal
Has been fully devoured

©Clarissa O. Clemens 2013

(From The Poetic Art of Seduction – Vol 3 and The Erotic Collection)

Amazon Author Page Link

I love Twitter! This particular social media platform has helped me to write 100’s of new poems. It begins as a tweet forming a ‘seedling’ for countless verses of erotic and non-erotic poetry.

Angles of Arousal started with a tweet last summer. What I love about composing lines for poems on twitter is that I get instant reactions that gauge the impact of the words on impartial ears.

If you are not familiar with Twitter, people will favorite a tweet by applying a star to it so that other people know that they like the tweet or they can re-tweet it on their timeline so that they expose the tweet to everyone that follows them and reads their timeline. Additionally, they can make comments directly to me, which is very rewarding. Other than doing a reading in front of a live audience, I don’t think there is another venue that allows for a writer to get instant feedback from strangers out in the world.

Having the 140-character constraint can be a challenge to fit all that I want to say in such a small space. But in the back of my mind, I know that I will be fleshing out the original tweet into a full-fledged poem and that will allow me to use as many characters as I need to paint the picture that I am seeing in my imagination.

As of today, I have 243 ‘seedlings’ waiting to be poems. Follow me on Twitter (@ClarissaClemens) so you can give me feedback and get a first look at my future poems!

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Poems Exposed – “When the Forbidden is Hidden” – (Adults Only – Sexual Content – No Profanity)

→(Warning: 18 and Older Only Please – Sexual Content, No Profanity)←


When the Forbidden is Hidden

When the forbidden is hidden
The urges are so strong
Those places and things
That people say are so wrong
We want them, we crave them
And when they are within reach
We salivate and penetrate
Diving in to the juicy peach
The added excitement of crossing the line
Where limits are set and normal defined
Make the pleasure and conquest
That much more sweet
The explosion comes quicker
The intensity more complete
With barely a touch the spring is sprung
With hardly a movement, with a slip of the tongue
It is conquered, it is taken
All mores forsaken
The guilt is gone
The prize is won
Where all that is forbidden
Is now undone

©Clarissa O. Clemens 2013

(published in The Poetic Art of Seduction – Vol. 2 and The Erotic Poetry Collection)

Amazon Link


One of the only wonderful things about my last job in the corporate world was meeting one of the most wonderful people that I have met in my life. She came to work there after being a high profile individual in a well-known California agency. She was forced out once they discovered her sexual orientation. She has almost completed her memoirs and I am encouraging her to publish them and pursue getting a movie made of her life. She is amazing. Anyway, I spent a lot of time getting to know her and we discussed how it feels to be a little outside of what society considers ‘normal’ and having acceptable sexual behavior.

The poem, When the Forbidden is Hidden, reflects the thoughts that swirled in my mind in regards to how you feel when you do something that you aren’t supposed to, and how it becomes that much more exciting. Perhaps dabbling in sexual practices outside our normal routine can take us to the “forbidden” zone.

What I have found is by expanding and exploring the limits that we have set up for ourselves, we can open up a whole new playground where we can grow and find excitement. Introducing a new feeling of passion and adventure can make for a much more exhilarating and vital daily life. Is your “forbidden” hidden?

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“…Mounting maneuver, release & quiver…” O’s and Poems – (Warning: Adults Only – Sexual Content)

temptation woman and man

Release & Quiver


Opening my body,

For you to devour

The subtleties of pleasure,

Are in your power

Mounting maneuver,

Release and quiver

A touch deep inside,

Triggers a shiver

Losing control,

I shudder and shimmer

Vibrating thighs, heavy sighs

Let go a glimmer

Building and climbing

Tightened and ready

Clenching and gripping

Rocking so steady

Unraveling avalanche

Rips through my core

Grabbing the rush

Riding towards more

Over and over this feeling of bliss

Culminates and crumbles under your kiss

©Clarissa O. Clemens 2011

Amazon Link to The Poetic Art of Seduction



He was the wrong guy at the right time. That guy that you meet and feel like you are 2 kids playing in the world full of laughs and passion. Of course, timing is everything and at the time I thought he was the one. Fortunately for me, he was not ready for what I had to offer and probably would not have treasured my gifts the way I deserved. Also fortunately for me, he dumped me. If we had stayed together I would never had met my wonderful life partner and muse, Tom.


Back to the wrong guy – I had shared some of my poetry with him (perfect way to seduce the man you have your sights on) and he asked me to write a poem to paint a picture of what it feels like for a woman to climax. He wanted to live out the experience through my words and try and understand how a woman feels as she peaks.


I had just started working a new accounting assistant job and I remember sitting at my desk at work and the lines started coming to me. I grabbed a post-it pad so it looked like I was working and the poem poured out in one shot. As the words described the feeling, my cubicle got quite warm and I glanced around to see if anyone was watching. I felt sure that anyone walking by would sense that what I was scribbling onto the post-it was far from anything work-related.


Just as I finished the last line, my supervisor peered around the adjoining wall of our cubicles to see what I was working on. I quickly hid the poem under some worksheets I was supposed to be completing. Her name was Lynette and after I had been there a few months and we had gotten to know each other better, I shared the poem with her. She started having lunch with me more often and my poetry ended up turning our dull days in the accounting department into a different kind of daily ‘grind’.


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Poems Exposed Naked – “Feminine Skin” How Did the Poem Come to Be (Warning Adults Only: Sexual Content)


Feminine Skin

Your feminine skin

Makes me want to reach within

The softness invites

Sensuous nibbles and bites

As your breath exhales

I strive for your moans and wails

The part of you I find

So deep so tight so divine

Is yearning for my touch

Looking into your eyes as you blush

My fingers tease and tantalize

Traveling softly slowly up your thighs

Quivering ripples collide between us

Charging electric surges of lust

Finding my way drawn by your heat

In search of your nectar so sticky and sweet

Your body arches as it yearns and burns

My mouth explores you as I watch you churn

The anticipation builds as I find your spot

Tip of tongue flickering hot

Sparks of desire ignite your fire

Shuttering waves taking you higher

To that plain of pleasure

Watching you in beauty and splendor

Pulling you open I pulse and probe

As my excitement builds I completely disrobe

Feeling you grab me the intensity builds

Tensing your muscles with me you’re filled

Spreading you open soaking up the view

The final plunge sends me deep inside of you

Rising and falling exhilaration takes over

Our bodies entwined ultimate lover

Massive magnitude melds our mounds of flesh

Shockwaves shaking pleasured fresh

©Clarissa O. Clemens 2011



I had been sharing all of my poetry with my best friend and confidant, Wendy, from the very beginning. Whenever we would do a girl’s night out she would ask for me to pull out my latest creations which would definitely spark up the evening’s mood. Her husband was a big advocate of our getting together and when she would go out with me, he knew when she came home, she would always be in the mood for love.


Wendy asked how I came up with the topics for my poems. I told her that the ideas usually were born out of my obsessions and fantasies. She mulled that over for a bit and asked if it would be okay if she gave me a suggestion for a poem. To this day I wonder if maybe she was trying to tell me something between the lines. The topic she offered was for me to write a poem from the perspective of a woman who is in lust with another woman. In other words write a poem from a lesbian point of view.


I took the challenge and began writing the poem you see in the beginning of this post. I placed myself in the position of drinking in the beauty of the female form and allowed myself to describe what those lust-filled feelings would be. I titled the poem, Feminine Skin, and presented the poem to her for her evaluation. She loved it! I hope you also find much pleasure from reading it and will take the plunge to read more of my erotic poetry.

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Poems Exposed ~ ‘Teardrop of Pleasure’ (Warning: Adults Only – Sexual Content)

~ This begins a series of blog posts to expose naked

the inspirations for my poetry ~


strawberry 350

Teardrop of Pleasure

They all have a load

Waiting to explode

With the pull of his trigger

Watching it grow bigger

Taking the tip

slowly to my lips

Teardrop of pleasure

Becomes my treasure

Whispering into his ear

So he can hear me clear

I will send him to a place

With no time or space

Handling him with care

Directing his body with flair

Urgent need to succeed

In his plead

To stroke and hold

And allow the unload

Finding the spot

My tongue has been taught

To flick and lick

Rigid and thick

Seeing him shudder

My name is uttered

Begging please to take him

With a tight squeeze

Forcing the eruption

Dominated by seduction

Relieved to succeed

Completing the deed


©Clarissa O. Clemens 2011

From The Poetic Art of Seduction-(Volume 1)


Let’s wind time back a bit to when I first became single after divorce. I had been married for almost 14 years and I had always been the more sexually charged partner in the relationship. I know, what? I thought men were supposed to be the more highly charged human sexual beasts. Wrong (at least in this case).

Once back in the dating pool I found myself back swimming with the rest of the sexually repressed singletons in my area.It seemed like every man I came into contact with online and in person was just one step away from exploding. With that thought, Teardrop of Pleasure erupted (so to speak) from the recesses of my mind. The first line dropped into my head as I was taking a walk and reflecting on a recent date – “They all have a load waiting to explode…”. I started laughing and knew I had the makings for a very fun poem. I grabbed my IPhone and quickly typed the lines in my Notes App so I wouldn’t lose this inspirational bit of prose.

I marvel at how in control a woman can be if she has any oral inclination at all. This poem is my tribute to the men who are ready and the women who are willing.

Seductively Yours,

Clarissa O.


Can Erotic Lit Tickle, Flit, and Flutter the Fantasies in Your Bed?

How Can Erotica Help Allow Fantasies to

Make Guest Appearances in Your Life?


I think I would be correct in saying that we all have fantasies that we keep tucked away in an imaginary file cabinet in our minds to access when a little extra fuel needs to be thrown onto the flame of passion. That guy at the office who smells so good and has the look of mischief in his eyes, the actor who you swoon over (and watch that scene in Magic Mike over and over just to see his moves), or that book boyfriend that you wish they could come up with a way to make him real or clone him so he can be yours.


Anyway you look at it, fantasies add pleasure to life and they get to either stay just in your head or if you have an adventurous enough husband/boyfriend/lover, you can share them and live out the fantasies in real life.


Along comes Fifty Shades of Grey and suddenly ‘game on’, boys! Women are crawling out from behind their veil of secrecy into the public eye proclaiming their desires to take a walk on the wild side. “Kinky” is now somewhat trendy. Who knew?


I find it fascinating how erotic literature and the more explicit romance novels have allowed women who normally were fairly reserved in their bedroom activities are now able to take the leap into the fantasies that they are reading about on their Kindles and Nooks. She can share a sexy scene from a book she’s reading with her partner and gauge his reaction to see if this is something they can try together.


In much the same way, my erotic poetry books allows you to hide conveniently behind my words and yet gives you an opportunity to try some kinky ideas on for size. If the idea behind my poem gets things going, then fantastic. If one or the other of you feels shy about it, move on to the next poem.


Many of my poems take place in the “non-vanilla” arena. Things like spankings, toys, light bondage, Domination/submissiveness all playfully make their way into my poetry. With all the erotic and romance literature that is out there, it is bound to have an affect on the couples that are reading this material.


Fantasies fuel passion. I personally feel that if more people would live out their fantasies with their partner in life, there would be less cheating because the partner seeking sex outside the union is probably needing to fulfill fantasies that he or she is not comfortable sharing at home.